Cloud Accounting and hosted applications help team members and clients work closer together

Cloud Accounting and hosted applications help team members and clients work closer together.  With a cloud accounting model, you can:

  • Work directly with your client’s accounting software – in real time, from anywhere
  • Enable your team members to work from home, office, or wherever
  • Eliminate the need to run disks or documents back and forth
  • Get everyone in your office, and your client’s office, on the same software
  • Connect multiple offices to the same network, the same applications, and the same data
  • Improve efficiency by centralizing information
  • Build your business and not the network that supports it

The application hosting industry was created to provide a low-cost alternative to traditional IT for small/medium businesses.  That outsourced information technology model helped to give rise to the cloud accounting model.

Why does outsourced IT make sense?

In your office, you probably have PCs that are networked together, and you may even have a file server.  As likely as it is that you have a network and a server, it is equally likely that you have ongoing problems with them.

  • Print drivers fail or disconnect
  • Files become corrupt or get lost
  • Windows servers are expensive to buy and to maintain… and the problem is multiplied with virtualization
  • Hard drives have problems… filling up; crashing
  • Backups are either no good or don’t get done
  • Equipment gets old
  • Software needs updating…  patches, fixes, upgrades and enhancements
  • Network connections disconnect or fail
  • Computer and software technicians are EXPENSIVE
  • System security is severely lacking
  • You can’t login from home
  • Your staff members can’t work remotely

Industry analysts have said that maintaining networked PCs and a functional user environment costs the average business at least $250 per month per computer.  They also say that maintaining even a small file server can cost a business between $350 and $1000 per month.  These costs reflect only the maintenance of the systems, not management time (or down time, lost productivity, lost data, lost business…).

With hosted and managed application services, you no longer need to have a file server in your office and you don’t have to install applications on all your workstations.  The hosting service eliminates the worry and expense of building and maintaining a business network.  Unlike with SaaS solutions that generally address one application or functional requirement, application hosting services can support all the software you need in the business – from one secure platform.

Your applications and your data are hosted and delivered to you via a virtual desktop that you access over the Internet.  Now, you can access your network, your desktop, your applications, and your data – at any time, from anywhere!  Your business LAN becomes a high-powered WAN, providing service to all users regardless of their location.

For a monthly subscription fee, you have access to your desktop and applications from anywhere.  You can login to the system while at a client’s office, from home… from anywhere you have Internet access.

Start with a subscription for yourself, and then bring your clients online with the service.  Now they, too, can access their accounting from anywhere.

If the business has multiple locations, you can provide them with a service that allows all their offices to be working on the same set of books in real time.  Once you start bringing clients onto the system, bring up your other staff members, too, so that they can work on the client books.  Everyone is working on the same system, the same platform, the same version of the application, and all the data is up-to-date and real time..


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