Outsourced Bookkeeping – A Proven Business Model

Outsourced Bookkeeping – A Proven Business Model

from Bookkeeping in Bunny Slippers

  1. Small and growing businesses need help with their bookkeeping
  2. Doing the business books leads to other services
  3. Revenues are very good, and profit margins can be great
  4. Most accountants or professional bookkeepers using this model can take on 2 to 4 new clients with no additional staff

Qualified bookkeepers are hard to find.  Often, candidates have little or no experience dealing with QuickBooks or other “standard” applications.   Owners are managing their businesses and placing high levels of trust in employees with little experience, unclear priorities, and potentially questionable work ethics.An in-house bookkeeper probably costs the average business at least $2500 per month in gross salary.  Add to that the taxes, insurance and other overhead items – coming up to roughly $48,000 per year.  This covers payroll and associated costs only, and doesn’t include the investment in hiring, training and management.   Read more…


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