Your Private Cloud: Avoid the Hype and Focus on Reality

Your Private Cloud

  • All the apps you want so you can do everything from anywhere
  • As much data as you can accumulate
  • Perfection by subscription
  • It never breaks and you can’t outgrow it
  • Get it all for just $1

Yeah, right.

Hype?  You bet it can be.  According to Gartner research, private cloud computing has moved into the “Peak of Inflated Expectations”.  This comes from the Gartner 2011 Hype Cycle Special Report, which offers assessments of the “maturity, business benefit and future direction of over 1,900 technologies”.  The entries are grouped into 76 different “Hype Cycles”, revealing the similar patterns of “over-enthusiasm, disillusionment, and eventual realism” that comes with every new technology or innovation.

The purpose of the report is to provide guidance to business IT decision makers, providing information on when businesses should consider adoption of a technology or IT model in order to achieve the maximum potential value.

Part of the problem is the confusion in the market, where there are multitudes of definitions being offered for cloud computing models.  Different service providers offer their solutions with varying levels of service and capability, so there is really no way to compare one Private Cloud service to another.


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