Extending access to QuickBooks data without using QuickBooks

How many times have you wondered about giving team members and other users in your business access to QuickBooks, so they can get customer contact information for sales or support purposes, or to handle various business functions which aren’t really accounting functions?  The problem with using your accounting software to handle business operations is that you may have a hard time limiting users only to the data they need to do their jobs.  Sales people don’t need to see the financial statements, they need access to customer and product information.  Support personnel shouldn’t have access to payroll, but they need to know who the customers are and what they have so support can be provided.

In so many cases, businesses find that they need specific functionality to support the business, and naturally tend to look first at the accounting system to see if the functionality is there.  However, providing  direct access to the financial systems isn’t generally the best approach to enabling the rest of the workforce.   Rather than looking at expanding the accounting solution to service business operations, perhaps an “extension” to the accounting solution is in order.  A great example of such an extension is Method Integration.


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