Delivery options for hosted QuickBooks: DirectConnect makes it simple

Would having a desktop icon to click on make it easier to migrate desktop QuickBooks users to the cloud?

Bookkeeping in Bunny Slippers

The virtual desktop service continues to be a leader when it comes to “cloud enabling” small businesses, as it allows the user to have access to a wide variety of applications and services, all integrated on the virtual desktop just as they would be on a local PC.

However, there is a type of user which might be better-served with direct access to a hosted application, rather than with a virtual desktop delivery.  This type of user tends to be very non-technical, with a limited understanding of the PC platform, but with enough knowledge to open and run the application(s) which are used by them on a daily basis.  As an example, let’s consider a small business owner who uses QuickBooks and, possibly, Microsoft Office.

A virtual desktop delivery for this user often means that the user must access a website or portal system somewhere, login to the portal, and then launch their virtual desktop service.  Once the service launches, the user may then launch their QB application and open their data file.  The desktop interface is exactly like a Windows PC interface, so learning how to run the QB app, save a file, or print a document isn’t difficult.  It’s essentially the same functionality as on the local PC.

For this type of user, where a single (or just a few) applications are required, might it not be a simpler and even more familiar delivery if the user could click on a QuickBooks icon on their local PC desktop, and launch directly into the hosted QuickBooks app?  The same may be true with Word or Excel… if the user had those icons on their local PC desktop and could run those applications from the local desktop, each application opening in its own window on the PC… wouldn’t that perhaps be more “normal” for the user?

Delivered from the same enterprise class infrastructure as the InsynQ virtual desktop and hosted applications, DirectConnect services provide an ability to integrate the hosted applications directly into the user’s local Windows PC environment.  As soon as the PC starts up, the icons for the DirectConnect applications are placed on the desktop and start menus, allowing the user to simply click on the icon to launch the hosted application.

The application is still running on the host computers, and the data is protected and managed on the host.  But to the user, the appearance is that the application is running on the local PC.  The app window can be moved, resized, relocated to a second (or third or whatever) monitor screen – all the flexibility you have with arranging open application Windows on your PC now includes the hosted applications as well.

Business users like working with what they know.  Using new applications can be frustrating, and trying to take advantage of new technologies is sometimes a daunting task.  Advisors, consultants, bookkeepers and accountants can now offer a simple alternative to virtual or remote desktop service, providing the client with the applications and data protection they need, but delivered in a better way for that user.


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