QuickBooks for Mac Works Great in the Cloud

There are a myriad of reasons why businesses and organizations are interested in running QuickBooks on their Mac. Perhaps the company is multimedia-based and runs Apple’s hardware exclusively but still needs a bookkeeping program. Or maybe the organization simply prefers the Mac interface. Whatever the reason is, it is quickly apparent that the Mac user will encounter problems and limitations with QuickBooks. The biggest problem arises when attempting to interface QuickBooks data between Macintosh and Windows.

A quick perusal of Intuit’s support site will show you the process used to convert QuickBooks for Mac files to QuickBooks for Windows. It begins with preparing the file by removing special characters, deleting all memorized transactions and reports, rebuilding the company file, running detailed reports and editing the memo portions before beginning the 9 step conversion process. Right away it is clear that this isn’t a viable option for file sharing. On top of this, Intuit has reported multiple QuickBooks features that simply aren’t available on the Macintosh platform. If your business is interested in creating an accountant’s copy, using QuickBooks Payroll, utilizing other add-on applications that integrate with QuickBooks, operating online bill pay, setting different prices for the same item, or using Premier or Enterprise Solutions then you simply cannot operate your QuickBooks on a Mac. If any of this applies to your business then it is vital that you consider another option. Perhaps you aren’t interested in switching your operation over to a PC. That’s where the cloud comes in.

Running a hosted version of QuickBooks in the cloud solves the problems associated with company file sharing and data integration between a Mac and PC. InsynQ offers the exact same options for QuickBooks and data hosting regardless of device. This means that the software will run on your Macintosh, PC or tablet the same way every time. When you load your virtual desktop on your Macintosh, what you will see is a Windows desktop running flawlessly on your Mac. Your QuickBooks files and company data will all be there, ready to access from any computer or device connected to the internet at any time. Performance does not suffer one bit. In fact, many Mac users have reported an increase in performance when switching from running QuickBooks locally on their Mac to using a hosted version of the accounting software with a provider like InsynQ.

With InsynQ, you are now able to easily operate a fully working version of QuickBooks on your Mac, plus you have gained the benefits of using QuickBooks in the cloud. The ability to work together between offices in real-time, access your information and programs remotely from anywhere anytime, eliminate frustrating issues such as frequent data backup and security updates, makes QuickBooks more cost efficient for your business. Any business or organization looking to manage their finances with QuickBooks for Mac need look no further than cloud hosting.

Click here to learn more about QuickBooks cloud hosting for Mac.


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