What a Virtual Desktop Is and How it Pertains to Running QuickBooks in the Cloud

Professionals often have questions about what exactly it means to run a hosted version of QuickBooks on a virtual desktop. A large chunk of the confusion stems from the question: What exactly is a virtual desktop? A virtual desktop looks just like the desktop you are used to seeing when you start up Windows on a PC. It has applications, icons, a start menu and quick launch icons on the task bar. Your QuickBooks programs and accounting files are saved, stored and accessed similar to the way you would on a local device. The difference is that your applications are securely run and stored on a remote server instead of your local PC.

Your virtual desktop is accessed via the internet and is therefore available from any computer or device from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t require any fancy software, complicated installations or expensive machines to ensure smooth performance. All that is needed is a machine or device with an internet connection and you will be able to access the same desktop you’re used to seeing with your QuickBooks software and data files. It doesn’t matter if you are using a PC, Mac, smartphone or iPad. Everything will look identical to what you’re used to working with.

There are many advantages to operating QuickBooks on a hosted desktop. With InsynQ’s QuickBooks hosting for example, you are given an entire custom-built virtual desktop featuring vital software such as the Microsoft Office suite. The ability to use necessary supporting applications gives people working in the cloud a huge advantage. All financial professionals will agree that the two most frequently used programs in their lives are QuickBooks and Office. However, many have other applications they would like to access from any machine or device they happen to be near at the time. Virtual desktops give professionals the ability to move these other programs to the cloud. Hosting QuickBooks integrations and add-ons on a virtual desktop opens up the option of accessing the files and data you need at anytime and from anywhere, on a platform that is easy to use.

The familiar environment housing your accounting software and data, means you are always ready to access and edit files in real-time and share between clients and co-workers instantaneously; that is what virtual desktops are all about.

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