Upgrade to QuickBooks 2013 in the Cloud

Upgrading to QuickBooks 2013 with a hosting provider gives people the features of the latest version of QB along with the safety, security and anytime access of cloud computing. Whether you move your current QuickBooks to a hosted platform, or make the move while upgrading to QuickBooks 2013, combining the popular accounting software with the latest in cloud computing technology offers a variety of benefits.

Cloud computing has been proven to increase productivity, reduce costs, and when combined with the new features of QuickBooks 2013 make managing the financial side of a business easier than ever. As a general design upgrade, QuickBooks 2013 implements naming conventions, navigation structure and icon designs that are similar to popular online websites and tools. This makes finding the right path to completing your tasks easier and faster. The toolbar at the top of each transaction displays the most commonly used elements for direct access, so you don’t need to dig for them.

Managing customer information is an aspect of the software that desperately needed an upgrade. With all information located in tabs that are found in the middle of a Customer record, you can handle almost any aspect of receiving or making a payment. Now you can process invoices, set “To-Dos”, run reports and make notes that are easy to find for each of your accounts. As a time saving feature, the new way of managing notes in QuickBooks 2013 reduces the need to use a separate CRM or SFA tool.

Along with easy to understand and use Customer screens comes an improved way to edit your Customer information. Add, edit or delete a variety of information in fields found in any one of the main tabs including address info, setting selections for payment and taxes, and more. With QuickBooks 2013, you can quickly make changes while working with an account contact.

When it comes to making the move to the cloud, whether you are upgrading or not, the question of licensing usually comes up. So here are your options for QuickBooks 2013. Supply an authorized hosting provider like InsynQ with the licensing information you currently have for the version of QuickBooks you use on a local device. Or, purchase a QuickBooks 2013 license, give it to the hosting provider, and they will deploy you with QuickBooks 2013 in a hosted environment. A third option that is increasing in popularity is renting a license. If you require multiple versions of QB, or plan on upgrading often, leasing your QB license will save time and money.

Learn more about moving your QuickBooks to the cloud or upgrading your current hosted services to include QuickBooks 2013 today. www.insynq.com | 866.207.1781


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