Lease Your QuickBooks License

A Cloud Advantage Available from QuickBooks Hosting Providers

Aside from having certified secure data centers and a proven track record for reliable up time, a great reason to go with an Intuit authorized hosting provider is because they are allowed to lease QuickBooks. As part of Intuit’s Commercial Hosting program, select providers have the ability to rent licenses for currently supported versions of QuickBooks Pro or Premier. This gives businesses and professionals that work in the cloud a competitive advantage that can’t be beat.

Since most businesses these days are looking for an online solution for their QuickBooks, but still require the full capabilities of QB that the online version doesn’t offer, hosting is the  perfect service to take advantage of. Because price is often a selling point when it comes to business services, leasing is a great option to have. If you’re a business owner that tends to upgrade the version of QuickBooks you use each year, leasing QB licenses from a hosting provider makes transitioning from version to version easy since you never have to deal with installing software or updates.

If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper looking to work with clients in the cloud, giving them the ability to lease their license is a selling point that might save them money and allow you to provide a better service. Offering the chance to have access to QuickBooks over the internet for one low monthly rate even has the potential to expand an accounting practice since more work can be done, regardless of ones geographic location. It also makes adding new or temporary QuickBooks users, like additional clients or bookkeepers, as simple as placing an order.

To learn more about QuickBooks hosting and contact one of the leading commercial hosting providers for information about leasing QB licenses visit


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