QuickBooks In The Cloud & iPads

A Great Backup Option To Have

Occasionally the question comes up…What happens when a person is on the road or unable to use their laptop or PC but still needs to access QuickBooks? Although it would be too difficult and time consuming for a person to try and do all of their work with an iPad, some situations allow the popular tablets to be used for a variety of QuickBooks related tasks in the cloud to keep business moving.

A CPA with a growing firm in Arizona was using QuickBooks in the cloud to work on client files from a single office location. Although he knew that using his hosted QuickBooks on an iPad was possible, he didn’t have cause to try it until a client contacted him while he was on the road. The client was about to make a major purchase, and wanted to know how it would affect his taxes. The CPA was able to pull over, bring up the client’s QuickBooks file on the iPad, and in less than a minute provide the client with financial advice that helped him make a better purchasing decision.

Although the client could have waited until the next day to get the financial advice he was looking for, the CPA was able to come off looking like a rock star by getting the info right there on the spot. The client was happy, and the CPA was able to offer the type of service that guaranteed him a client for life. All because the CPA was able to simply look at a QuickBooks file on the fly.

Another person, a Florida-based bookkeeper using InsynQ as her QuickBooks hosting provider, found herself up a creek when her computer started having problems right as several clients needed their payroll processed. While waiting for her PC to be fixed at a store, she was able to use her iPad with a keyboard accessory to connect to her hosted QuickBooks and run payroll for her clients. By the time her computer was done getting fixed, her client’s payroll was done.

Although it won’t solve every issue, it never hurts to have a backup, plan-b or a spare. When you have applications like QuickBooks hosted, you essentially turn any internet connected PC, laptop or tablet into your backup option for accessing software and files. Most financial professionals would agree that their computing demands require a desktop PC with multiple screens. But in a pinch, it never hurts to have the option of using an iPad to access your hosted QuickBooks in the cloud.

Learn more about application hosting solutions and cloud computing options that will allow you to access QuickBooks in the cloud at http://www.insynq.com/application-hosting.html.


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