Renting QuickBooks Enterprise Is Now An Option In The Cloud

Save money by leasing licenses from an Intuit authorized hosting provider.

QuickBooks Enterprise License Rental

One of the biggest changes to Intuit’s hosting provider program this year has been the addition of the QuickBooks Enterprise rental option. With providers previously only having the option to rent/lease QuickBooks Pro and Premier, this change gives professionals the ability to rent QuickBooks Enterprise on a month-to-month basis.

As an alternative licensing option with the potential to reduce the cost of using QuickBooks Enterprise, renting is perfect for large and growing businesses. Renting allows you to add or remove users as needed, so you are only paying for the software that you use. It also reduces the time and energy involved with upgrading software, since all you need to do is place an order with your hosting provider. The ease and flexibility of renting licenses is especially handy for those that upgrade annually.

Another notable change to the program was the inclusion of the $5 Intuit hosting surcharge into the rental fee. Although professionals moving currently owned licenses to the cloud will still be required to pay this fee, people renting the software will not see a separate surcharge on their monthly hosting bill.

Leasing an Enterprise license also eliminates the large up-front cost typically associated with enterprise level accounting software, opening up the door for more people to take advantage of the popular Intuit application. For accountants, bookkeepers and other financial professionals looking for a better way to work, the QuickBooks rental option for Enterprise is another step towards being able to do more online.


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