QuickBooks Hosting for Accountants

Packaged Solution Gives Professionals Everything They Need In The Cloud

CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers and other financial professionals often have specific and unique needs when it comes to the software and applications they use. Although many online solutions are accessible through websites and portals, it becomes difficult when you need to login at many different locations just to complete one task. With app virtualization, providers are able to create solutions that are customized to meet your needs, all under one roof.

hosted apps for accountantsOne popular solution customized with apps and tools created with accountants in mind is InsynQ’s Accountant Desktop package. This service provides you with the ability to use any of your supported versions of QuickBooks in the cloud. It also comes with the ability to use or add a number of popular apps like Bill.com, SmartVault, SpringAhead, BigTime and more. 

accounting cloud technology

Aside from being able to work with, and share documents and files online with tools like DataLocker and Session Shadowing, another great reason for accounting firms and bookkeeping practices to work in the cloud is tiered permission structures. A CPA, for example, can have access to each one of their clients’ financial data, while the client is restricted to only being able to access their own data. This type of permission structure is what allows a firm to easily work with a great number of clients online in an organized manner. It also gives them the ability to manage and restrict employees by assigning bookkeepers to specific clients and only giving them access to the data files they need.

The icing on the cake with a package designed for accountants is that you can add anything from tax prep software to Microsoft Exchange hosting, making your virtual desktop the only thing you need to work online. Moving your apps and tools to the cloud has obvious benefits. When you make your move to the cloud with a QuickBooks solution like the InsynQ Accountant Desktop, you give yourself the additional perk of having all your apps and data in one location…accessible with one login.


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