Benefits Of Going With An Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider

As QuickBooks hosting becomes the industry norm for implementing accounting software, it is important to understand the technology and know who you are trusting to host your QuickBooks. With so many businesses trying to save money, and so many providers offering service, you need to know where your money is going and what you’re getting for it. Whether you’re goal is to connect geographically separated offices and employees, or improve your security and disaster recovery capabilities, going with an Intuit authorized QuickBooks hosting provider can take the guess work out of application hosting.

Much like building a house, technology suffers when corners are cut for the sake of saving money. Sure it’s cheaper to go with a sub-par foundation or have pipes fitted by an non-certified plumber, but would you want to live in that house? The cost savings would be good at first, but you’ll most likely end up with major problems down the road that will require you to shell out more money for repairs that could have been avoided in the first place. The technology that powers the cloud is similar.

Think of Intuit like a building inspector or a business that fully vets it’s licensed tradesman. They make sure that authorized application hosting providers have the footprint, technology and support capabilities to ensure that there products are hosted in the most secure way possible. They weed out companies that have the potential for putting your business at risk with technology that can corrupt your data or leave your applications open to security threats.

Another important thing to consider is that if you choose to go with an unauthorized company to host your software, it may void the service and support options that come with it. Authorized QuickBooks hosting providers work together with Intuit, and therefor can offer their clients the same level of Intuit support that they would receive if they were using QuickBooks on their desktop.

Licensing is also a factor that unauthorized providers take advantage of. Be weary if a budget hosting provider says you don’t need a license or that they can get you one for a low price that is included in their service. It may mean that they are stealing licenses or using fake ones that can cause you as a user to encounter problems. Intuit authorized providers register QuickBooks users with Intuit. This is what allows Intuits recommended hosting providers to help you upgrade your version of QuickBooks, or even rent licenses when needed.


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