Commercial Providers

Everything you always wanted to know about the Authorized QuickBooks hosting providers

Below you will find reviews and basic info about various Intuit authorized hosting providers.
The “About Us” for each provider listed below comes directly from the provider’s own website, online business listing or press release.

Note:  The information below is updated on a regular basis. Some information may vary from time to time depending on the technology and platform implemented by each provider. Although there are many providers that use different methods to deliver QuickBooks in the cloud, each of the Intuit authorized hosting providers has the ability to host QuickBooks very well.

Company: InsynQ         InsynQ 165x45
Phone: (866) 206-1781
Established: 1997
Corporate Location: Gig Harbor, WA
Cost To Host QuickBooks & Office(Per User/Per Month): $49
QuickBooks Info:

Provider “About Us” Page:
InsynQ is the industry’s leading cloud hosting provider, offering an extensive range of over 600 software solutions running on multiple data centers and servicing thousands of clients all across North America. InsynQ’s application library is the most extensive on the market with as many or more applications available than any other cloud computing provider. InsynQ’s cloud computing service is adaptable and able to grow to fit your business’ needs. If our servers aren’t currently hosting the software you need to run your office successfully from anywhere, anytime, we will happily deploy that software for you in the cloud. Just contact a sales representative and let them know what application you are looking for and our team of experienced engineers will begin processing it immediately.

InsynQ is also the only provider offering Windows Server 2012 hosting in an instantly available format. They have recently partnered with Dell to deliver desktops instantly in the cloud. Check out their homepage for more info.

Company:              myownasp
Phone: (800) 521-7322
Established: 2004
Corporate Location: Alpharetta, GA
Cost To Host QuickBooks & Office(Per User/Per Month): $55

“About Us” from Press Release:
A division of Software Link, Inc., provides hosting for a range of popular accounting software and ERP applications including Sage 100 ERP, Sage 100 Fund Accounting, Sage 300 ERP, Sage 500 ERP, and Sage 50 – US Version. They have a proven track record of delivering service and uptime that business owners come to expect from a technology company. provides a SSAE16 certified US Based datacenter.

Company: HarborCloud      harborcloud
Phone: (877) 294-2909
Established: 2010
Corporate Location: Bellevue, WA
Cost To Host QuickBooks & Office(Per User/Per Month):$50

Provider “About Us” Page:
HarborCloud is an Cloud Service Provider (CSP) with a focus on hosted virtual desktop solutions. We specialize with QuickBooks Hosting, PeachTree Hosting, and Act! Hosting We use the Citrix XenApp 6.5 platform, delivered from HP Blade servers that are co-located in a SAS 70 Type II data center. Most Windows-based software applications are hosted, using the customer’s existing licensing. HarborCloud solutions target start-ups, small businesses and various professional practices, including accounting professionals.

Company: Swizznet       swizznet
Phone: (888) 794-9948
Established: 2007
Corporate Location: Seattle, WA
Cost To Host QuickBooks & Office(Per User/Per Month):$54.99

Provider “About Us” Page:
Swizznet is exclusively focused on the accounting industry and is a service developed by actual accountants with several years of experience delivering virtual bookkeeping services and over 25 years of experience running an accounting firm.

Company: Uni-Data              unidata
Phone: (718) 445-5600
Established: 1989
Corporate Location: Flushing, NY
Cost To Host QuickBooks & Office(Per User/Per Month): $50

Provider “About Us” Page:
Since 1989, Uni-Data & Communications, Inc. has met clients’ evolving technology needs by providing consultation, project management and staffing for mission critical technology applications. Every day, Uni-Data fields hundreds of expert technical personnel at dozens of client locations throughout the United States and Europe. Clients include Fortune 100 companies across the business spectrum- from Banking and Financial Services to Medical and Pharmaceuticals to Entertainment and Broadcasting.


19 thoughts on “Commercial Providers

  1. Novel Aspect REGULARLY has down times that last for days, not just hours. Just today, I cannot connect all day at all. You cannot reach tech support by phone – you sit on eternal hold. When you email their helpdesk, expect a response in days, not hours, as well. For a data center that’s sole focus is hosting, you would think they would have sophisticated redundancy and emergency backup plans to keep their client’s uptime rates at 99% and above. No such luck here – apparently they either haven’t figured out how to do this or they don’t want to spend the money on the infrastructure. I too am looking for another provider. I am fed up.

    • We are in the same boat- shopping for new hosting; this article was a tremendous help for locating information quickly. Yesterday was ridiculous with Novel Aspects downtime and cut into productivity big time.

  2. Cloud 9 Real time
    Thank you for putting up this great information. I wish I had found it before I signed with “cloud 9 real time”. They are just a horror show. So much time wasted after choosing them. And i didn’t realize at the time of signing that they a 15-day cancellation policy. Well it took them much more than that to fix all the clinches and invent the work arounds for the problems they have. I ended up with two sets of books and a whole big mess.

    Sorry i chose that company

  3. What is the benefit if paying so much for this service? I have clients on enterprise and the per user will get really expensive considering so many companies have lots of people that log on to look with read only access etc. and you guys charge for all of them so it can run in the thousands per month to set all of the, up.

    Why would someone want to go to a per user option when we can use an amazon option for much, much less. What am I missing here? This seems super, super expensive to me.

    • Hi Sarah,

      My apologies in not getting back to you sooner and thanks for the great question!

      For some people it might make more sense to look at an Amazon or Rackspace option. The downfall there is you really have to be a savvy IT user or a sophisticated network engineer to know how to navigate and manage the services those companies provide.

      If you have an in-house IT team, this might make sense. Also if your user base runs up to 300+ this might make sense as well.

      When you say “you guys charge for all them *(users)” I’m not sure exactly what you mean. First of all, I’m writing as a third party non-affiliated hosting expert. So I can’t speak for any of the companies listed here but what I do know is that the per user price is only for those who will actually have full capabilities to edit data and use the applications. Also, you truly only need to pay for additional users if they need to be logged in at the same time. For example, if you’re a restaurant that employs 2 bookkeepers but only one of them uses QuickBooks at a time, then a 1 user account will make perfect sense for you.

      Hope this answers some of your questions. I’ve used Amazon’s Cloud Offerings recently and just navigating through them was incredibly confusing. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy! But I definitely know that if you know what you’re doing with IT and networking then it is a powerful and affordable tool and I would recommend it to those in the know.

      Thanks again, please feel free to add any further comments!

  4. HI 🙂
    OK I have had enough with logmein inconvenience for all parties… ready for the cloud. From what I read here it seems InsynQ is the better of the listed. I have an accounting practice and need to move clients to a solution that will satisfy us all. Cost is a concern of course but speed and security is ultimate. Any thoughts?

    • Hey JMAX,

      Security is always a concern, which is understandable when dealing with sensitive financial data. Since all of the providers listed above are authorized by Intuit to host QuickBooks, they have already been vetted out as far as datacenter and internal data management processes are concerned. But you should still ask questions about backups, data recovery or anything else that might give you an indication about how a provider handles security.

      As far as speed goes, there are a variety of factors that can affect the speed of hosted/virtual services. On the provider’s end, Quest vWorkspace, Citrix and RDP are all commonly used methods for a reliable cloud connection. And on the users end, service can depend on internet bandwidth and connectivity. It is often recommended that you get a demo or ask for a trial of the service. Try it from your desktop computer, laptop, iPad or other devices that you commonly work with. And although you might not work from a wireless connection all the time, test it out in case you need to work via wifi in the future.

      For pricing, my recommendation is the same as with security and speed…ask questions. “What comes with the base service options?” “How much does additional storage cost?” “Am I able to affordably add more apps or users as my needs change?” “Are there contracts, or month-to-month service options?” It can be difficult to know what to ask, especially if you don’t know the right questions to ask. Just take your time and try to fully consider your needs and options as you move forward with selecting a provider.

    • Looks like they are somewhat new to the QuickBooks hosting arena and are based out of India (according to site Admin and Registrant info). Can’t seem to find any info on the actual company, history or upper management info, on their site or on other business intel. sites. Although they are not authorized by Intuit to host QuickBooks, they do offer hosting for some of the more obscure financial applications like MYOB and TaxWise.

      We always recommend going with an Intuit authorized hosting provider for QuickBooks. Other than this site, here is another place we recommend for locating a service provider…

  5. Barbara, I have been with NovelASPect only since 1/16. The service was slow to the point of being unusable on 1/23. Information on the status page that day implied that things had been running slowly the day before as well. The system was taken intentionally off-line late on the 23rd, but was supposed to be up by 8am the next morning. It was out most of the day. Since then it has been pretty much up, but seems to randomly slow to a virtual standstill. The 23rd and 24th were the days I had been intending to move two clients to the cloud, so the timing could not have been worse. Everything I had heard about NovelASPect prior to that time had been positive, and I tested them for two weeks with no problems, but this has been awful. I’ve had a support ticket in for 24 hours as Chrome fails to load, but have received no response. I did get my INVOICE, however! When I let them know how dissatisfied I am so far, they gave me 105 off next month’s invoice. I am again shopping for a host.

      • NovelASPect’s three day outage in January caused us, as a new customer, to quit their service entirely. We ultimately changed to InsynQ — so far so good (plus customer service is excellent). A 10% discount from NovelASPect would not have made even a dent in the huge amount of lost time and productivity over the course of 3 days, not to mention the time it took to migrate our data to NovelASPect. NovelASPect didn’t offer us a cent, even though their contract states otherwise. Our experience with NovelASPect was not good at all.

  6. Thank you for your reply. Novelaspect had a major service outage (all servers from what I understand) for 2-3 days, depending on who you listen to, 1/22 (or 1/23) thru 1/24/13. Supposed to have a status update explaining what happened on their website today 1/30/13 on, but last time I looked nothing is there about it. We are thinking about hosting Quickbooks, but my neighbor who uses Novelaspect told me about this, which is a big concern. Two or three days without Quickbooks would not be good for us.

    • I’m sorry to hear that your neighbor had problems with their hosting services. I hope that this does not turn you off to QuickBooks hosting entirely. Although no one can predict the future, when we have service interruptions at InsynQ, the early warning systems we have in place alert our engineers. In most cases, our engineers know about an issue before it is noticed by, or affects our clients. That way they can quickly get people back up and working.

    • I’m sorry to say NovelAspect has failed miserably in providing us with QuickBooks hosting. Their service techs aren’t that knowledgable, the one I spoke to yesterday was terrible, they have had frequent outages and we’ve had ongoing issues with them for two months that they can’t resolve. Will be changing to another service promptly!

    • Hey Barbara,
      Like InsynQ, NovelASPect is an Intuit Authorized hosting provider. To become authorized, a QuickBooks hosting provider must verify that their datacenter is safe, secure and capable of maintaining a consistent up-time of 99% or better. Although I am not aware of any specific outage that NovelASPect has had recently, I can tell you that downtime occasionally happens to any type of service accessed over the internet. Netflix can be unavailable, your online banking network could temporarily be down…basically, technology happens. The good news is that the average down time of apps and data in the cloud is dramatically less than that of in-house managed networks. The downtime of software that is run on an in-house server can be as much as four times longer than that of software that is hosted in the cloud. So in the long run, even if a hosting provider does temporarily have an outage, your overall up time is generally better than doing it yourself. You also don’t need to pay for the repair of servers or hardware yourself…but I digress. NovelASPect has a good overall reputation, years of experience, and is considered to be one of the better hosting providers on the market today.

      Thanks for the comment. Hope you found this info to be useful.

      • I am embarrassed to say we have used NovelASPect since 2011, and they have been a constant source of frustration; continuous problems with bankfeed downloads, arbitrarily changing to Single User Mode, inaccessiblitly due to problems at their Sacramento Data Center. The list goes on. The loss of data during the awful 2013 service interuption resulted in service interuptions to our customers and Major Findings in our ISO audit. We call Tech Support at least twice a week; many issues continue to go unresolved. Our CPA firm has advised us to switch to INSYNQ

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