Why Consider the Cloud?

5 Good Reasons to Consider the Cloud

  1. Applications and data are secure, much more secure than in your office
  2. Access via the Internet from anywhere, offering mobility and anytime access Get to your data at any time, and have the applications you need to use it
  3. Help everyone in the business work closer together
  4. Streamline processes and increase operational efficiencies
  5. Focus on managing your business, not the technology that supports it Keep your valuable information safe from theft, fire, and natural disasters

Using resources crafted from enterprise-class technologies and managed by skilled engineers at all times, every business – regardless of size –  can leverage the power of the Internet and Cloud Computing solutions.

It’s not hype, it’s reality.  Outsourcing IT services doesn’t have to mean losing out on capability, and hosting the applications you already own allows you retain the investment in software assets, training, data, and processes.  You can meet the demands of today’s competitive economy, as long as you allow yourself to focus on what really matters – running your business, and not managing the complexities of the technology that supports it.

InsynQ is one of the leading application hosting providers that is helping business save time and money with managed IT services in the cloud.


2 thoughts on “Why Consider the Cloud?

  1. I’ve tried putting QB on my server hosted in the cloud and connecting with a VPN. It’s so slow it’s not worth it and I have a huge internet pipe.

    • Hey Brian,
      Self-hosting is something that can be done, but often with mixed results. Simply hosting your QuickBooks on a server and connecting to it will not guarantee a good solution. There are a lot of factors that could be causing the slowness. Even though it sounds like you have a good internet connection, the hardware you are using or the VPN settings could be bogging you down. Additionally, self-hosting only provides a business with some of the benefits that working with QuickBooks in the cloud offers. When you use an application hosting provider to manage your QuickBooks, you have the luxury of off-site backups and disaster recovery. They are also in charge of managing and maintaining the software, which means you no longer have to worry about updates and upgrades.

      I would recommend contacting a provider from our list of recommended commercial providers for a QuickBooks hosting demo. You might find that authorized hosting providers are able to offer a much faster, safer and better solution.

      Thanks for the comment.

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